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Restaurant Utrecht

Looking for a nice restaurant downtown Utrecht? Well mate, you just found it! De Rode Vosch is an Australian restaurant in Utrecht where you can enjoy special dishes and drinks.

Our restaurant is housed in a monumental building in Utrecht. At our restaurant, we aim to offer our guests a special evening. Hospitality and quality are our core values. Our authentic Australian ingredients ensure a special taste experience.
All this in that typical ‘no worries’ style.

Take a look at our menu.

Our concept

In our Australian restaurant in Utrecht the dishes have the size of a starter. This way you can taste and share multiple dishes during the evening.

When you think of the Australian kitchen, you’ll probably think barbecue (barbie), right? That’s why we grill our meat at a lava grill to give it that typical taste.

Utrecht has a lot of restaurants where you can drink delicious wines and beers. But De Rode Vosch is the only restaurant in Utrecht where you get to choose between 40 Australian wines and 10 Australian beers. And of course we serve some smashing cocktails as well.
Our staff is happy to advice you on some great food and drink combinations.

See ya soon, cheers!