About De Rode Vosch

HEY MATE! Aussie gastropub De Rode Vosch (The Red Fox) is the hotspot in Utrecht for the finest Australian food, wine, beer and cocktails. So, sit back, relax & enjoy! CHEERS!

In De Rode Vosch we want you to feel like you are in modern Australia. For those who have been to Australia, your dining experience at De Rode Vosch will help to bring those memories back to life. Are you planning a trip Down Under? Come along and experience our interpretation of modern Australian cuisine, combined with those authentic laid-back Aussie vibes, and let your dreams come true!

Modern Australian cuisine (Mod Oz) is an exciting mix of flavours, and has influences from all over the world. At De Rode Vosch, you can choose from a diverse and delicious range of dishes to share with your friends. Our dishes are the size of a starter, so you can choose a variety of dishes and really explore our menu. This way you can really experience Australian cuisine and the Aussie drinks we serve.

Are you interested in wine? Or want to learn some more about Australian wine? Then try our High Wine. We will serve you 4 different glasses of our exclusive collection of Australian wines combined with 3 courses of small dishes.

Because of our fantastic collection of Australian wines and beers and our amazing cocktails, we are the perfect place for a night out in the center of Utrecht.

Our Upperroom is a great place to rent for groups up to 25 people for private dining, graduation or promotion drinks or a birthday party.

Our historic building, as we know it now, was built in 1619 and is in the heart of Utrecht.
The building has been totally renovated and is now a beautiful mix of old and new. During the renovation, we discovered foundations dating from 1480, but nobody knows in which year the original building was erected.  What we do know is that the building was named ‘D’conink van Poortugael’ (The King of Portugal). By serving up modern Australian cuisine in such a beautiful historic building, we have created a truly unique experience. Come by and see it for yourself!

Please feel welcome to come by De Rode Vosch for a truly Australian night out. 

Our team

  • Loes
    • Xander
      • Matthew
        • Michiel
          • Andrew